Who We Are

What is The Agent Spot and How We Are Changing How Agents Do Business

Brokerage for Agent Teams in Real EstateSimply, our purpose is to take your team business to the next level. The Agent Spot is an independent real estate brokerage focusing solely on Real Estate Agent Teams. Created by need of the evolving real estate professional business. The Agent Spot is run by me, Diego Loya. I really enjoy helping agents reach their goals. I want to help you. My goal is simple. I want to help as many real estate agent teams build and adapt new or existing strategies to become the team they once envisioned when they initially created an agent team.

Why only agent teams? Because this is the future for successful lasting real estate agents in the real estate business. I’m not saying that the traditional model doesn’t work, I’m saying that those agents that decided to work as a team have special needs and wants that sometimes a traditional broker office cannot support because of the diversity of teams versus single agents.

Creating an agent team or working within one offers many perks and benefits. Agent teams have become the most popular way for real estate agents to create real everlasting business by pooling strengths of many to provide the client an exceptional real estate experience. It also creates a structured work flow, a system, for the agent/s that is profitable, in this complex time consuming real estate business.

The Agent Spot is for agent teams only. We want to take your team and take it to the next level. If you are an individual agent and want to start a team, we will guide you in creating one. If you would like to be a part of an existing agent team, we can help you find a match.

Find out what to expect and the benefits of  joining an Agent Team Only Brokerage.

We want world-class agents teams to join our movement. If you are interested, find out more about working with The Agent Spot.


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