The Secret of Print Marketing

Real Estate MarketingMarketing is the most important thing you need to do to have a successful real estate business. You need a plan of action and here’s the secret. You need to integrate your print marketing with your online marketing. Whether you mail a letter to your clients, send a postcard or door knock and hand out a flyer, you are marketing to prospective clients. Prospective clients that will either read your material and throw it away, read your material and keep it or just throw it away. What a reader sees and captures in those few seconds while looking at your marketing material means everything. You need to capture them in the moment, intrigue them and have them wanting more.

Either by something about the neighborhood, their local home values, community events, your marketing material needs a hook. A hook being something the reader wants more of. Some information and a tease. To satisfy their desire for more, you will direct them to your website where you will provide them the info, plus the reader will have access to much more.

Your website needs to have valuable information that a reader will find interesting. And since your website is the hub of everything you do and say, a printed marketing piece is an invitation to your site.

Here’s an example. You want to send out postcards to your geographical farm about home prices and homes that have recently sold. You only can fit so much information on the postcard and you want the message, the hook, to be clear, clean, and precise. You create a post on your website that has all the recently sold, home prices, stats, graphs, pictures, etc. that you will send readers to. Plus you also have past months stats and community info that you written about in the past. There’s a link to this info but it’s pretty long, ugly and hard to remember. Say it’s: You don’t want to include this in your piece for reasons stated so you do this. Go to Go Daddy or any of your favorite domain seller and purchase Here’s a small neat domain that you will use to forward to the long ugly link. Anytime you want to refer anyone interested about Sequoia Park to your website, just say and there the reader will find everything about Sequoia Park in your website.

Now you create a hook and your print marketing piece will be finished. Following the example, in the postcard list homes that have sold and an arrow going up. Underneath state, “Why did these homes go up in value? Visit to find out why.” Now you have a piece that a reader in Sequoia Park may find interesting and be intrigued to find out why. They will visit your site and also see other information that might interest them.

What you’re doing is you’re building your brand and building yourself. You are telling the reader that you are the authority of real estate for that particular area. Write and use a blog as a tool that you use to build relationships and gain potential clients.

If you want to know more about blogging and how you can use it as a strategy tool to build a client base contact us and will be more than happy to help you out.

Found this useful? We want to help. I can offer you more ideas and support. Ask us, we’ll help you.

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