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Hyperlocal BloggingOne of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make at some point in their career, myself included when I started, was to want it all. They didn’t want to serve one market, they wanted it all. One city wasn’t enough, they wanted every city. They didn’t want just one county, they wanted that one county plus every county around it. Some realized after a while that doesn’t work but others just keep on prospecting to the masses.

It works the same online. Depending on your market, there may be hundreds or thousands of other agents and company websites competing for the same amount of eyes to read their website. You may not be the smallest fish in the pond but you definitely don’t have the deep pockets of other big companies, nationwide companies. Sending your sphere of influence to your website by postcard, open house or word-of-mouth is one thing but getting people to your website from those on Google searching for real estate terms like yours is an other.

When someone visits Google and searches for Homes for Sale in Fullerton, CA., the list of results will most likely show the big companies at top as they are the ones spending big bucks optimizing their site. You’ll see companies like homes.com Zillow.com and other agents that have put a lot of money and/or time into their site. They know their site will come up first under a broad range search as of Homes for Sale in Fullerton, CA.

So how can you get a piece of pie? By hyper local blogging. Having an online marketing strategy to blog specific small hyper local and the search results will push you to the top of the list. For example, a person searches on Google: Homes for Sale Fullerton, CA. That search right now has 642,000 results and yours will be buried somewhere. But say a buyer searches specifically for a Homes for Sale in Sunny Hills Community Fullerton, CA. The search has 117,000 results. If you hyper local blogged on the subject Homes for Sale in Sunny Hills Community Fullerton, CA 4 bedroom pool and someone search for a related term, your search results are now down to 14,300. So you see the more specific you get and the more local you get the lower the competition. Now imagine if you are blogging about your farm area that you know very well. Don’t you think that will add value to someone reading it and don’t you think it is so specific you will rule that search result.

Think about hyper local blogging like a war. Don’t worry about winning the war, think about winning the small battles. You win one battle, then another and another. Soon those small battle wins will help you win a bigger battle. Soon you start taking over an area and the bigger you get the stronger your presence. I suggest start blogging and be as specific hyper local as possible and then build out from there. Take it down to the street level, the actual homes and talk about the community, things going on, sold homes. Once you fill up that community then you can start with another community and keep building from there.

If you like what you’ve read and want more information about hyper local blogging, let me know. I’m here to help.

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