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Real Estate Agent Free TimeWhether you have a small agent team or a big one, keeping everyone on task can be difficult. Just keeping yourself on task can be challenging. As a team leader and an independent contractor, sometimes you may feel like you’re the boss, the buck stops with you, you choose what to do and not do. Of course that may be one of the reasons you got into real estate.

We all know and I’ll admit that running a business is tough and not being accountable quickly get you doing things you’re not suppose to.

Agents, Your Schedule is Your Boss!

The best way to run your business is to take the pressure off yourself and put it in a schedule. Follow your schedule like it was a boss telling you what to do, or you’re fired. Everyday setup your schedule for the following day. At the beginning of the week, setup your week and see what has to be done a certain times, what blocks of time you have free and where you can fill in things. Then follow your schedule. Set reminders. If you are prospecting from 9am to 11am, do that and when that time block ends move on to the next thing in your schedule. You’ll be amazed how much more things you’ll get done and how much more free time you’ll have.

Don’t forget to schedule personal and family time. Having a well-balanced schedule is key to keeping your sanity.

I wrote a post on how an agent should schedule their time. What they should do each week and each day. If you are new to scheduling your time, start in bigger blocks covering broad tasks, as you get better get more and more specific in your tasks. You’ll be amazed how much better your work day will be.

I use Microsoft Outlook connected with Google calendar as my schedule. I like using Outlook when I’m sitting at the computer. It just seems easier for me add or changing tasks, setting reminders and color coding everything. I like Google calendar because it syncs with every device I’m on. If I move from my desktop to laptop to tablet to phone, the same info is at my disposal. Also using Google, it works seamlessly with Email, Google Maps, and now Google Now. Google is very cool and a little scary. It looks at all your information and works like a virtual assistant. For instance, your calendar says you have a meeting at noon at a Panera Bread in Irvine. In advance, Google now will look at traffic and remind you that with the estimated 25 minutes to get to Panera Bread, you should leave in 10 minutes. I’m sure we’ll get into that in other post.

Remember, your schedule is your boss!

If you want to know more about how you can better schedule your time and therefore have more time, contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Found this useful? We want to help. I can offer you more ideas and support. Ask me, I’ll help you.

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