Expired Listing Scripts

There are many ways you can talk to a seller that was unable to sell their home. The most important thing is to know your scripts, practice them and make them your own. We all are different and we each speak and react different ways. Own your conversation with a seller and make it naturally yours.

Here are a couple examples of Expired Lisiting Scripts:

Face to Face

This script offers help first and identifies why the home did not sell.

Hello, Mr./Mrs. ___________.  This is <agent name> with <company name>.  I have been going over my MLS records today and I noticed your home is no longer listed for sale.

Do you still want to sell the home? <yes/no>.  Well your home is in my market area and I am curious as to why it did not sell.  Would you be interested in finding out why it did not sell?  <yes/no>.
What I can do is a free analysis that will determine the reasons why your home may not have sold. Would you be offended if I stopped by for a few minutes later this week and shared that information with you?

Would Friday or Saturday be more convenient?

Morning or afternoon?

Is 11:00am best or 1:30pm? (Always give a time to chose from. This is your business and your schedule.)

This script qualifies the seller if they are still willing to sell

AGENT: Hi, I’m looking for Mr. or Mrs. .
SELLER: Speaking.
AGENT: Hi, Mr. / Mrs. , this is ___________ with <office name>. I am sure you know, by now, that your home came up in the mls as an expired listing. I want to see if and when you plan on interviewing agents for the job of selling your home?

If you sold this home, where would you go next? How soon do you have to be there? [Listen to the response]

Mr. /Mrs. What do you think stopped your home from selling? [listen to the response]

How did you happen to pick the last agent you listed with? [listen to the response]

What did that agent do, that you liked best? [listen to the response]

What do you feel they should have done? [listen to the response]

What will you expect from the next agent you choose? [listen to the response]

I would like to apply for the job of selling your home. Are you familiar with the techniques I use to sell a home? [listen to the response]

Can we talk inside? [have them show you around and go into listing presentation]

If no…

What would be the best time to show you.. .this evening, or would tomorrow be better?

Quickly building rapport and identifying the issues the homeowner has will strengthen the ability to get the listing. Always listen to what the seller is saying and explain how you can help.

Found this useful? We want to help. We can offer you more script building ideas and support. Ask us, we’ll help you.

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